Make your life more interesting and exciting -Innovate it. Stimulate your senses-

Yamaha Accelerator

With the passion of “Make your life more interesting and exciting -Innovate it. Stimulate your senses- ”, Yamaha’s Corporate Accelerator Program welcomes innovators (entrepreneur/business owners) who wish to challenge the future.

This is the accelerator program that the innovators with the passion for the cutting edge technologies and the vision to make the world more interesting and exciting, Yamaha known as its music Instrument,Network/electronic device,entertament,resort and powerful brand, and 01Booster, leading accelerator that supported the largest numbers of the corporate accelerator in Japan.

Yamaha’s Corporate Accelerator Program will provide the opportunity of Information Session & Networking for co-creation of the business as well as the incubation period for the selected teams of the Business Plan Contest. It aims to support the business creation by the innovators.


You may get accessto the mentors of Yamaha and 01Booster.
You may gain credits to develop your business by the collaboration with a large corporation.
Yamaha may considerthe fundraising opportunityfor the selected teams. * Investment is not guaranteed.
You may get the support to the operation of your business in line with your business plan.
Your business may growthrough the alliance duringthe incubation period.
You can get access to 01Booster’s facility during the incubation period.


Information Session Thurs., Mar.30, 2017 / Thurs., Apr.20, 201
Business Plan Contest Thu.,July.13.2017
Incubation Period From July to Dec 2017
Demoday Mid-Dec(TBD)

Information Session

※All applicants must register at and send in their application.

※Please be advised that we will choose the participants by lottery if the number of the application exceeds the capacity of the venue space (80 seats).


Yamaha Ginza Studio

7-9-14, Ginza, Chuo-ku,Tokyo


Approx. 4 minutes walk from Ginza Station A3 Exit (Ginza/Marunouchi/Hibiya Line)

Approx. 7 minutes walk from Shimbashi Station (JR/Asakusa/Ginza Line)

Approx. 7 minutes walk from Higashi-Ginza Station (Asakusa/Hibiya Line)

Business Plan Contest Application Guidelines and Filing

The purpose of the Business Plan Contest is to screen entrepreneurs, start-up companies, SMBs and going concerns, that would like to participatein Yamaha’s Corporate Accelerator Program.

The screening process will proceed as follows: paper screening (first selection), interview (second selection) and pitch at the Business Plan Contest (final selection). The winners of the Business Plan Contest will receive the benefits as the prize as described below.


  • - If your team applies on or before the early-bird registration deadline, it may have a mentoring session upon request. Please contact
  • - The schedule above may be subject to change.


Make your life more interesting and exciting
-Innovate it. Stimulate your senses-
Yamaha’s Corporate Accelerator Program welcomes all innovators who wish to change the world more interesting and exciting with us.

  • Applicant’s business plan(s) are not limited to Yamaha's current business endeavors.
    (Ex;AR/VR,AI,Robotics,IoT,Emotion Recognition device) (Ex;Helthcare, Entertainment,Education)
  • All entrepreneurs are welcome, including, but, not limited to, women, students, and senior entrepreneurs.
  • Business plans DON'T have to be synergistic with Yamaha’s resources and current business units.
  • We welcome businesses that target the global market as well as the domestic market of Japan.
  • You can apply even if your product or service is in the R&D phase.
Stage of Your Business

This Corporate Accelerator Program is available for businesses in any phase.
* A mere idea as well as services already offered to the public may be covered. Feel free to contact us for more details

Eligibility of Applicants

Astart-up company or team must commit fully to the business, or promise to do so during the Incubation/Acceleration Period.

* Solo proprietorships or projects are fine if the applicant has not yet formed a corporation or other entity. (However, it is highly recommended that you form a corporation if you intend to request funding from Yamaha Corporate Accelerator Program is also available for applicants during the Acceleration Period.

* You may apply as an individual, on behalf of your team, or as a corporation. Naturally, teams or corporations with more than one member are welcome.

* Anyone can apply. There are no pre-conditions such as age and nationality or work experience.

* Minors should get a prior consent from his/her guardian before applying.

* Yamaha Corporate Accelerator Program is also available for applicants that are already funded by another company, or have been joined other acceleration programs than our Program. In such case, your team or corporation shoujld get a permission to apply from your investor or the organizer of the program before you apply.

Other conditions
  • The finalists, who passed the interview screening, should prepare a pitch lasting for 3 min. 45 sec. in the Business Plan Contest on July 14, 2017 (subject to change). The winners of the Business Plan Contest will be invited to join Yamaha Corporate Accelerator Program.
  • If a selected team is a corporation, corporate management should discuss the potential investment and how to make the most of any investment.
  • Applicants who are insolvent at the start of the Corporate Accelerator Program aredisqualified to join it.
  • Each applicant may submit multiple business plans. However, the applicant must fill out a separate application form for each business plan to register each business plan one by one.
Screening criteria
  • Commitment, preparation, grit, skills, teamwork, and potential resources of the team
  • Attractiveness and potential potential growth of the targeted market
  • Novelty, chances of success, and profitability of the business plan

The business plans are judged from general/wide point of view mainly the factors above.

- 01Booster may contact the applicants directly with questions related to the selection process.

- The result of the documentary screening will be posted within 2 weeks after the deadline.

Submission of Application

Please submit your application form using the “Enterthe Business Plan Contest” button below.

Application Materials
Application form (Required)
You can download the application form using the “Download Application Form” button below. Please fill out the form and submit itusing the “Enter the Business Plan Contest” button.
Supplemental documents (Optional)
The submission of the supplemental document is optional. It is a free format, but all the supplemental documents should be in PDF form, therefore, you should convert your PowerPoint slides to into a PDF document. All supplemental documents should not exceed 10 pages. Please keep it simple.
Privacy Policy

Your personal information will only be used in appropriate manner for the purpose of corresponding with you regarding this Corporate Accelerator Program, in compliance with the Yamaha Group Privacy Protection Policy as well as the Privacy Policy of 01Booster Inc.

Yamaha Privacy Protection Policy

01Booster Privacy Policy

Contact Us



What businesses or services does the Accelerator Program focus on?
With our passion to team up with entrepreneurs for innovation, the Corporate Accelerator Program is receptive to a wide variety of applications from innovators (entrepreneurs/startups) who are willing to change the world more interesting and exciting with Yamaha.
Does a business plan that does not relate to an existing Yamaha business fit within the scope of this Program?
Yes. We welcome applications from any field, in addition to fields relating to one of our existing businesses such as music, resort, entertainment, and electronic device. Any entrepreneurs, including, but, not limited to, women, students and senior entrepreneurs are also sincerely welcomed.
Please note that -
  • Your business plans DON'T have to make use of or be synergistic with Yamaha’s resources.
  • We welcome businesses that target the global market as well as the Japanese domestic market.
  • You can submit your business plan even if your product or service is in the R&D phase.
  • We are open to any genre or industry and expect to see various innovative businesses. However, please be advised that your business plan have to be socially acceptable, in other words, it should comply with accepted standards of decency and public policy.
Would you consider the business that does not use information technologies?
Yes. We would welcome both online and offline businesses.
What is the distinctive feature of this program?
The accelerator program was created to develop a new future through the collaboration of three parties: innovators (entrepreneurs/startups), Yamaha with its existing technologies and powerful brand, and 01Booster, the sole member of GAN (Global Accelerator Network) in Japan, the operator of the largest number of corporate accelerators in Japan.
What kind of support can I receive during the incubation period (5 months) through the Accelerator Program?
Yamaha plans to offer its resources and network, and it also plans to consider investing in selected business teams. In addition to the above, the following benefits may also be provided:
  • Incubation office space, where your team may receive mentoring sessions with mentors from time to time.
  • Introduction to various corporate resources and network (not guaranteed).
  • Bi-weekly meetings to check on KPI progress and to give feedback so that your business continues to grow(not guaranteed. Based on the situation of each team).
  • Monthly meetings with a team of advisors from Yamaha.
Can I use the incubation office during the incubation period?
Yes. During the incubation period, you can use “01Garage” (Higashi-Azabu, Tokyo), 01Booster’s co-working space free of charge. We recommend that you use of 01Garage because you will be able to communicate frequently with 01Booster mentors.
About the mentors
What should I do if I would like to have a mentoring session and request an introduction of the network?
Please contact 01Booster first.
Do all mentors come from Yamaha?
Mentors with various skill sets will participate in the program. Mentors include not only people from Yamaha or its affiliates, but also non-Yamaha people. We think it is important to have as much diversity as possible, instead of having mentors from some specific genres.
Information Session and Networking
What is the purpose of the Information Session & Networking before having the Business Plan Contest?
In addition to facilitating a greater understanding of the program and offering instructions for the contest, presentations from senior entrepreneurs and a networking party are scheduled so that everyone can get to know one and other.
Are there any pre-conditions to join the Information Session & Networking?
We are looking for a wide selection of individuals interested in starting a new business in a variety of fields.
Business plan contest
What is the purpose of the Business Plan Contest?
The Business Plan Contest is designed to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMBs who can utilize resources to be provided by Yamaha. Yamaha will then select the winners, who will be invited to join the Accelerator Program.
What is the length of the pitch?
Your pitch should be at 3 minutes 45 seconds. Q&A of 3-5 minutes will follow after that.
Are there any standards for screening?
We will consider the target market, the scale and novelty of the business plan, and the projected profitability of your business. In addition, we will also focus more on the applicants (entrepreneurs) themselves, such as their capability, motivation, commitment and teamwork. We welcome team applications.
Are there conditions on age, gender, or nationality?
When is the application period?
Applications will be accepted starting on Thursday, February 17th, 2017 and the submission period ends on Monday, June 12th, 2017.
What are the benefits to meet the early-bird deadline?
Applicants who register before the early-bird deadline will receive mentoring by the 01Booster upon request.
Please contact at when you make apply.
How do I apply?
You can submit your application by pressing the “Apply Business Plan Contest” button on this website.
Do you plan to publish the teams which are selected?
Yes. Please be advised that we plan to publish the company name of the winning team, its logo and an overview of its business planon this website as well as the other websites such as Yamaha and 01Booster, etc. Additionally, please be advised that the organizer may publish the video of your pitch at the Business Plan Contest.
Where will the events be held?
Information sessions, networking events, and the Business Plan Contest are scheduled to be held at Yamaha’s Studio (Ginza). You can find the details on Yamaha’s Corporate Accelerator Program website.
Where will the Accelerator Program be conducted?
The Accelerator Program will be conducted at the 01Booster’s office during the incubation period. In addition, mentoring and any other activities will primarily take place at the 01Booster’s office.
Would you fund us if my team joined the Accelerator Program.
Funding for the participating companies is not guaranteed; however, we will consider funding your team. We may request a financial statement to decide whether to fund your team or not.
What will be the approximate amount of the investment?
Yamaha will consider an appropriate amount to invest based on the business characteristics of your team, the intended market, the strength of your business plan, etc.
Will you seize management rights?
We will neither seize management rights nor send a board member to you during the Accelerator Program. When entering into a business collaboration phase, we will discuss how we can best collaborate.
When can we receive funding if we are qualified?
During or after the incubation period of the Acceleration Program, we may or may not decide to fund your team.
Can we receive additional funding through or after the Accelerator Program?
Yamaha will evaluate each opportunity independently. There may be an opportunity to communicate with potential investors and connect those potential investors to you.
Intellectual Property Rights
What happens to intellectual property rights during the Accelerator Program?
Your ideas remain yours - they belong to you and your team. If there is a need to transfer or manage Intellectual Property Rights, we will discuss that with you.
Why do you offer support without claiming intellectual property rights?
We wish to establishe collaborative relationship with external ventures and entrepreneurs based on mutual respect and a mutual desire for growth. There may be possibilities for business cooperation or acquisitions in the future; however, first we want to focus on creating an amazing business with you.
Would the participants’ ideas be protected?
The applicants’ wishes will be honored as much as possible. We will not make your ideas public without your permission except for your pitch during the Business Plan Contest. However, you should also be aware that there are many people who have similar ideas and that ideas that seem to be yours may appear in any other places in the world. So, we will not enter into a confidentiality agreement which treats your ideas as confidential information. In this Accelerator Program, we value your actions to realize and leverage your idea into a successful business, rather than the idea itself.
About 01Booster
What is 01Booster?
01Booster operates an incubation office for entrepreneurs in Higashi Azabu, Tokyo. It is a business-creation accelerator as well as a Corporate Accelerator, which offers support to developing new businesses by utilizing its network of entrepreneurs. (“Corporate Accelerator” is a registered trademark of 01Booster in Japan.) Also, 01Booster, Inc. was selected as the Support Team associated with “Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry/Jump Start Nippon” project
Why did Yamaha and 01Booster team up?
01Booster has the network of entrepreneurs and incubation track record that Yamaha needed.